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April 28, 2017


Momentum Slipping for FC Dallas on Five-Match Road Trip

FC Dallas started off the season incredibly hot. Through the first three games, the Hoops scored three wins — the only team to pull off the feat this year — and after ten matches had secured 20 points. But the last four matches have not been nearly as kind to FC Dallas. In those matches,

Now’s not Quite the Time for Promotion/Relegation in MLS

Promotion and relegation in soccer can sometimes be the most exciting thing in sports. As the season winds down, there’s drama at both the top and bottom of the standings. Teams at the top are clamoring for either a spot in the Champions League, or the equivalent, the league title and possible promotion to the

FC Dallas Needs Defense to be on Point to Carry the Team

Over the past year-plus, FC Dallas has become known for its flashy offense. Between Mauro Diaz, Fabian Castillo, Blas Perez and Tesho Akindele, the Hoops certainly have no shortage of highlight-real playmakers. But there’s also the saying that goes, “defense wins championships” which is true for all sports. Scoring points/goals/runs is nice and all, but it

FC Dallas Will go as Far as Mauro Diaz Lets Them

As much as soccer is about the 11 guys on the pitch working in rhythm with each other, the offensive end of the game primarily focuses on one guy who creates chances for other guys to cash in goals. For the U.S. men’s national team, it’s Michael Bradley. For Manchester United, it’s Angel Di Maria,


Complete Style Change for Giornalismo

So after the success of Nuovo and the JM Breaking News plugin, I’ve restarted working on Giornalismo full time. I ended up getting a ton fixed on it over the past couple of days, but no one change was bigger than the font and a slight color change. After taking a beginner graphic design class

Continuing the Giornalismo Rebuild

So there’s not too much of an update with the themes this week. I’ve continued to re-code everything in the Giornalismo theme. Over the weekend I knocked out the header template, staying close to how things are to be done in HTML5 and what not. This week I’ve been working on the footer and homepage

Rebooting Giornalismo

So the semester has ended for me and with it comes more time to do stuff. With the extra time, I started the re-coding for Giornalismo. The goal of the rewrite is to document things better and to make sure all of the code is up to the WordPress standard. Hopefully this results in a

An Unforseen Diversion

So everything has been moving at a snail’s pace for Giornalismo, primarily due to my busy schedule, but Thursday things came to an interesting halt. The folks who run and maintain WordPress and the WordPress directory made it official that all themes will have the use the WordPress Customizer instead of creating separate theme options

JM Breaking News

Diving into the Realm of Plugins

After succeeding in getting a theme into the WordPress Theme Directory, I’m trying my hand at doing the same with plugins. Actually the move to write and submit a plugin comes quicker than I would have liked, all thanks to my plans for Giornalismo. In my initial creation of the theme I realized that themes