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Getting Closer to the End for Nuovo

So it’s been a while since I gave an update for Nuovo, but here we go.

Since the last update, the theme has gotten even closer to being included in the WordPress theme directory. It’s to the point that I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel for the theme, which is nice since I’m almost ready to get started on rewriting Giornalismo any day now.

But there’s still work to do and things to learn for me. I’ve made two more rounds of edits since the last update and the list for each of those edits keep getting smaller and smaller (hopefully I haven’t just jinxed), which is encouraging.

As for what has changed, the biggest noticeable change is that on the home page, when the theme is initially installed and activated, only one section of posts will show up. I also got rid of the cat_id_to_name() function since there apparently a function included in WordPress that does the same thing.

Other than that, most of the changes that have been made are under the hood in the code. And hopefully the end is near and by the end of the school year, at least, the theme will be available in the WordPress theme directory.