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October 30, 2020

Still Changes to be Made to Nuovo

Another two weeks have gone by and still Nuovo isn’t into the WordPress Theme Directory yet. I believe almost all of the necessary changes have been made and I’m just waiting for the reviewer to reply with either the okay or more things that need to be changed.

Of the things that have been changed since the last update, the biggest is the home page yet again, particularly on the mobile site. No longer can the viewer swipe between posts. Instead, the posts are shown vertically, so the viewer scrolls down to see all the posts in a particular section.

There was a bit of a back-and-forth discussion between me and the reviewer, and in the end we came to the agreement that while swiping horizontally is now common for mobile user, it’s not quite that common for content. Maybe one day that will be the case.

But for now, I’m just waiting for either the yay or nay on Nuovo and getting set to restart Giornalismo from the bottom up with design(s) hopefully starting this weekend.

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